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Is MBBS degree from China recognized?

All of the medical colleges in China which conduct MBBS program are recognized by WHO and UNESCO. So, you need not worry about that. After you complete MBBS degree from China, you can get job in any part of the world or even gain entry into MD program in any medical college anywhere.

Do you have to sit for entrance exam to gain entry into Chinese medical colleges?

No. You don’t have to sit for entrance exam. However, there might be some colleges that require some kind of assessment test.

What about eligibility criteria?

The main eligibility criteria for a student is that he must have passed 12th standard with PCBM. However, every college’s admission has different criteria and minimum marks in 12th for getting admission vary from college to college.

How much fees will be charged?

Fees of different Chinese medical colleges is nearly same but can slightly vary if the college is highly reputed. Of course, you can consult our professionals and get the right feedback.

Will the medium of instruction be Chinese?

The medium of instruction of different medical colleges is either Chinese or English. One can be rest assured that they already have the option of going through the course in English medium. However, it will be good if a student learn Chinese as during internship, he will have to understand the patients’ problems in their local language.

Can I get financial assistance?

We shall arrange finance so that the students can pay off their college fees easily. There are many banks and lending institutions that offer monetary help to students. We complete all the formalities on student’s behalf.

Do I have to apply for Visa?

Yes. You need to have a valid Visa to get entry into the country of China. You can consult us and we shall arrange for the visa and help you get admission in MBBS degree easily.

Can I start practice right after the completion of course?

Yes. You can do so. You can get the job in any country of your choice. However, you must pass a license test before you get to practice in the country.




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  • 5.Payment of Fees

    The student has to pay the admission fees, administrative fees and processing fees that vary from university to university. You can have the option of paying lump sum amount or in installments depending on university’s rules and regulations.

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