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Education in China

Chinese education system includes vast and varied school system. From pre-schools to kindergartens, schools for deaf and blind as well as various institutes of higher learning come under Chinese education system. Chinese government has enforced a nine year compulsory education system for all children. This includes six year primary education and three years secondary education. Higher education in China is attracting a lot of students from across the globe as Chinese universities make use of high tech educational aids and has great infrastructure while providing MBBS course to the students.

Why enroll for MBBS in China?

Nearly all of the Chinese medical institutes are approved by UNESCO and thus students can bank upon them as well as the quality of education that they provide. The faculty members in these institutes are well versed in teaching the updated curriculum.

Since Chinese institutes teach the MBBS course curriculum in English, more students are drawn towards learning the same. This is because everyone in the world knows English and can better learn any course in the language. Moreover, the MBBS course curriculum designed by Chinese medical universities is in sync with internationally acceptable curriculum recognized by UNESCO. Thus, after completing the degree from China, one can practice in his or her home country.

Chinese medical universities provides latest books and other medical journals to the students so that they can study on their pace. The fees for MBBS course in China is comparatively less than that compared with other medical institutes in USA, UK, Australia and Canada. This is because nearly all universities are government funded and charge quite nominal amount from students.

China has turned into a global player in the field of providing higher education and take pride in having some of the best universities in the world and if you enroll in any of these, you are bound to make a successful career ahead.

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  • 5.Payment of Fees

    The student has to pay the admission fees, administrative fees and processing fees that vary from university to university. You can have the option of paying lump sum amount or in installments depending on university’s rules and regulations.

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