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About China


China is a world renowned country for its major contribution to arts and science fields. It is located in the eastern part of Asia and is the most populated country in the entire world. The capital of China is Beijing. The country is governed under the leadership of Communist Party. The land area of China is considered as the second largest in the world. For the past few years, the country has witnessed tremendous economic growth and is considered as the fastest growing economies in the world.


China experiences great variation in climate and is always under the influence of monsoons. Since China has a complex topography, there are great differences in climate from region to region. Some parts of China like Heilongjiang province in north east part experience no summer while Hainan Island in the south experiences long summer but no winter. Even the annual precipitation varies greatly from region to region.


The people of China use Putonghua or Mandarin language while conversing with each other on day to day basis. However, the smaller regions of China have their own dialects. Cantonese is often known local dialects of southern China. Chinese language is used as a written language and has been widely used for the past 6000 years.


Today, China has earned the reputation of being the fastest growing economies of the world and it will not take much time for the country to beat United States of America to attain the first position in terms of economy. China contributes a lot in international trade.


The government of China continuously places emphasis on improving the educational standards be it primary, higher secondary or university level. The country has made much progress in educational sector and that’s the reason why students from other countries are attracted towards getting degrees from Chinese institutions. Medical institutes in China have earned a great reputation and that’s why the country has witnessed a splurge in number of MBBS applications from students residing across the world.

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